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Welcome to EastEcho Cardiology

We specialise in providing a diagnostic, cardiac imaging service to our community.


Our goal is to offer patients, general practitioners, and specialists easy access to cardiac ultrasound imaging.


Easy bookings. No wait lists. Results sent directly to your referring doctor within 5 working days.


All tests are reviewed by a specialist imaging Cardiologist with management advise sent directly to your GP.

  • Chest pain

  • Dizziness

  • Irregular heart beats

  • Leg/ankle swelling

  • Previous heart surgery

  • High blood pressure

  • New murmurs

  • Shortness of breath

  • General health work-up

Our testing can help diagnose any potential issues, and aid in faster treatment.

We're here for your health


OUr Service

At EastEcho we specialise in echocardiography (heart ultrasound)


Detailed analysis of the heart size, valves, and function

No waiting lists

Results within 5 days

Scan can be forwarded to other health specialists

Specialist Cardiologist report + GP management advice

Southern Cross Affiliated Provider

*Southern Cross members only. $700 for non-members



We use high frequency sound waves (ultrasound) to assess the structure, and function of the heart.


These sound waves are then converted into images, which can be used to diagnose any underlying problems.

AI analysis

At EastEcho we pride ourselves in staying up to date with the latest artificial intelligence (AI) assisted analysis software. 

This helps reduce possible errors, whilst providing practitioners with accurate, and robust assessment of your scans.

All scans are further reviewed and signed off by a specialist Cardiologist

Cloud technology

All of our services use cloud based technology--letting us send your scan information to your health provider almost instantly!

Furthermore, this lets us easily send your scans to any other specialists you might require.

better outcomes

Our minimal wait lists, experienced staff, and access to new/advanced reporting software allow us to provide you with the best standard of care.

All reports, and management advice  sent directly to your GP

Fast, and accurate diagnosis, giving you better outcomes!

Meet Our Team

Phanuel Victor
(BHSc (MI), PGDip (Cardiac Ultrasound)


I am a cardiac sonographer, with a focus on adult transthoracic, and stress echocardiography. I trained at Middlemore Hospital, and have worked across multiple hospitals within New Zealand, and overseas. 

I began EastEcho Cardiology with a goal of providing an easily accessible, accurate, and reliable cardiac imaging service to the community.

My aim is to work closely with GPs--giving them the ability to manage patients in the primary healthcare setting, or if necessary, refer on to specialists with attached results. This should help reduce wait-lists, hospitalizations, and ultimately provide better outcomes for patients.


Dr. Adele Pope
(MBChB, PhD, FRACP, BTech Biomed Hons. )

Dr Pope is a specialist imaging cardiologist, with multiple years of experience working in some of the worlds leading hospitals. 

Adele completed her cardiology training across all three Auckland hospitals, before going to Cedars Sinai West Hollywood for an advanced cardiac imaging fellowship. Following this she completed an imaging fellowship at Austin Health (Melbourne). She is currently the head of Hawke's Bay Cardiology, specialising in echocardiography, cardiac CT, and cardiac MRI.

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Howick Clinic


Crawford Specialist Centre

12 Picton Street, Howick

Wednesday: 12pm-4pm

Saturday: By appointment

Phone: 09-538 0133



021 2606 942


Healthlink EDI: eastecho

CareSelect: EastEcho Cardiology

Specialist Referral: Coming soon

Healthpoint: Coming soon

  • When do I get my results?
    We aim to provide all results to the requesting doctor/specialist within 5 working days. No results are provided at the time of the test. Once the scan has been completed, you are free to go. The images are then analysed, and reviewed by the sonographer, and a specialist cardiologist.
  • Is my data shared?
    No. All private information is stored securely on independent servers [Cloud appointments, and PULSE] based in New Zealand. No data is shared without the express consent of the patient. New Zealand privacy laws and acts are strictly followed by EastEcho Cardiology and associated companies. [Privacy Act (2020) and the rules in the Health Information Privacy Code (2020)]
  • Can you e-mail results?
    For security, and privacy reasons, all communication with GPs/specialists is done via Healthlink. Healthlink is the standard mode of communication for health professionals in New Zealand.
  • What is A.I assisted reporting?
    We work closely with PULSE, a New Zealand based company that uses state of the art artificial intelligence software to help minimize errors, and ultimately provide better outcomes for our patients.
  • Insurance & Payment
    We are a Southern Cross affiliated provider, and will provide you with email receipts that can be used for reimbursements. EFTPOS is our preferred method of payment. Most card payments are accepted. NB: Full payment has to be cleared in order for us to release your test results.
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